Magic of Moroccon design

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Yes, Moroccan design is like magic

In the depths of ancient Morocco you’ll find some of the most exquisite mosaic works originally hand crafted for royalty only. It’s so rich it’s magical. As  rug designers and manufacturers RUG ART provides a bit of inspiration crafting each piece by hand down to the detail. In this rug,  Mosaic from our Hair on Hide collection, we’ve embraces a modern take on an ancient craft. But the pattern is just as impressive.

Some of our Hair on Hide rugs capture a bit of Morocco’s magic and this particular rug is no exception – Mosaic screams craftsmanship and tradition but with a modern twist, which makes it one of my favorite pattern to work with.

hair on hide rug inspired by moroccan mosaic craftsmanship

I love to write about Morocco be it architecture, food, culture especially craftsmanship and inspirations. If you visit Morocco for the first time I assure you that you’d want to return to this amazing country and soon. As I look at the endless photos I took when i was there i always find a new inspiration or something that makes me think of a new design or collection, or a color. It’s like reading the same book over but your perception changes every time. That’s Morocco.

Find out more on our Hair on Hide collection here, as well as other beautiful and stunning hand-made rugs.
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