Life is more Beautiful when decorating with rugs

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By now, for those who know me I am a hand-made rug lover. But for those who know me well – rugs are my castle. They make me feel at home, they offer a sense of belonging, kind of psychological fever but in a very positive way. I spend a lot of time nurturing my home and one of the first options I consider to work with are rugs. I spend more money on my home then on clothes and shoes. It’s not for every chick unless you’re a design freak like me, but it’s an undeniable fact that rugs do make life more beautiful. Let’s see.

It’s summer…winter…spring or fall – no matter what time of year it is , sprucing up a room with rugs is the best choice you can do for your space. A rug, a beautifully made rug for that matter, offers a lot to work with from texture and color to pattern, mood and interest. A rug provides the back bone of every room making it look polished and finished.

designing beautiful rooms with rugs by rug-art

shown: Cosmo, wool and silk, Rug-Art

Depending on the season each pattern or color of your choice dictates the mood and comfort level, making the home enticing and  interesting. A rug is an excellent decorating choice for all seasons, but as temperatures change, for example winter is approaching, a thick wool pile rug is a wise choice. It’s bold but nothing is more inviting than a chic  textured rug, let alone the fact that it adds dignity and grounds everything else in a room. No doubt that a fresh coat of paint does the trick a rug is the voice of any space.

designing beautiful rooms with rugs by rug-art

shown: Allure, wool and silk Rug-Art

When it comes to pattern and color combination in a rug we are talking spice and statement. Go with a patterned rug in bold hue while considering the rest of the decor around it, and you’ve got some conversation piece right under your nose.

designing beautiful rooms with rugs by rug-art

shown: FrozenIsland in flat-weave, Rug-Art

When temperature rise and summer is around the corner a flat-weave rug is a good choice as it evokes happy, cool and stimulating mood.

designing beautiful rooms with rugs by rug-art

shown: sheepskin by rug-art

Everything feels lush and soft with sheepskin rug underfoot, regardless of the season.

Another design option for those who love to make big statement without saying much – keep everything else in the room fairly neutral but let a patterned bold rug do the talking  and watch how the room just explodes around it.

Fear not – experimenting with different options feeds our curiosity as we learn what we love and what we would like our homes to reflect. All that love.





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