Cushion ambition

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Image credit: me

The pillows are finally here. I’ve been working on designing decorative pillows for a while now. The brand new line is a beautiful and, I think, a glamorous extension to our hand knotted rugs.  Trans-Atlantic trips, endless phone calls, emails and samples, the results are finally in front of me. The image above is the first that was taken and it shows a couple of our finished decorative pillows.
Here is a scoop of what we offer in the new line:

Noche, neutral                          Opium                                  Noche, pink

Calabasas                                     Pieces                                    Boogi

We use lush soft fabrics to construct these pillows even your skin will like: Dupion Silk, Mohair, cotton velvet.
To view entire collection or to order you may do so by visiting .

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