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 I never thought a silhouette of any kind could inspire me except for, maybe, the strong contrast. But with a close observations and “bigger” eyes I was struck by a silhouette complex simplicity and how a strong contrast can beautifully engaged with its surroundings.
I tried to fight the thought that designing a rug inspired by silhouettes would be tricky to create. After all, a silhouette lacks details and depth. It’s like smiling in the dark when no one can see it. I wondered how I can translate something so simple that lacks details into something detailed that plays off light, texture and form without losing the main idea? Going through my silhouette images I found an intriguing subject to work with although I wasn’t sure what I particularly liked,  I was captured by what I felt and I was up for the challenge.
Google research on photography taught me that silhouette is a technique captured on a perfect timing. In other words, depends on the time of the day the image is taken the foreground stays dark but the background has a beautiful play of light and color. I love this idea. The silhouettes in my images were taken not because it was a silhouette, it’s because I liked what I saw and I didn’t connect my photos to design at that time. Well, surprise surprise.
beautiful picture of a silhouette in germany
Germany last winter I walked around downtown Frankfurt and raised my head to look at the cold skies, I saw one of the most amazing silhouettes: naked dark tree canopies stood frozen against the cool blue/gray/reddish skies, shooting outlines of branches in every direction. It looked stunning.
beautiful picture of a silhouette in tuscany
Another silhouette captured my attention when I was in Tuscany this past summer: the evening sun gently peeked through dark trees in the foreground illuminating the sky in soft hues.
beautiful picture of a silhouette in varanasi indiaVaranasi, India
beautiful picture of a silhouette in romeRome
beautiful picture of a silhouette Vidal
beautiful picture of a silhouette in new york cityNew York City
beautiful picture of a silhouette in my backyard, floridaMy backyard: I love the silhouette that’s reflected in the pool
picture of a silhouetteIsrael
illustrating rug design - silhouette
Back at my desk, a couple of ideas popped in my head, a limited color palette to work with and only few fibers to play off texture while thinking abstract, form, dark. I begun to mess up lots of sketches…until I finally got something out of this mess. Then, I put it in my drawer.
Like with any other painting or design I always put it away for a while…does it ever happen to you?
silhouette drawing
When I finally submitted the Silhouette drawings to our factory in Nepal for production, as curious as I am, I had to behave and patiently wait for the arrival of the new rug.
And when it did…I was floored.

beautiful rug design by sigal sasson, silhouette, hand knottedbeautiful rug design "silhouette" by sigal sasson for RUG ART

beautiful rug design silhouette in a room setting
So…what do you think?
This beauty can be seen at our Sloan Miyasato showroom representative in San Francisco and at the D&D New York.
GoodWeave certified.
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