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passionate about design

Something special happened today. An email i received from our employee who kept me updated about the happenings in our NY showroom. She is a nice energetic saleswoman i havn’t met yet. She was hired by the Mr. and we even exchanged a few emails but face to face – not yet. Her email today is the perfect example I’m trying to show and inspire my daughters for so long, in which also taught me a thing or two about myself as well.

The email said (name was eliminated, not sure if she would like it):

“Hi Sigal,
Today, two designers visited the showroom and fell head over heals in love with your designs.  I overheard them saying they will not work with another showroom now and will scheme the house with…ours instead.

Dunes pulled them in the door.  Then they waxed rhapsodic over Midnight, Silhouette, Sultry, Shadow and Sultana.  They said the blends, especially where you specified the silks and all the colors were amazing.

I want to thank you for making my job so easy.  All I have to do is know the prices and yarns–the rugs sell themselves.”

I have read this email over and over and showed it to my daughters. Sometimes children listen to strangers (that’s how mine learned to swim – in five minutes flat when we stayed in Atlanta for exhibition) and I knew that a message like this from people they don’t know might inspire them.

This is a beautiful positive response I want my daughters to remember and that actions dictate life. That hard work pays off. That true passion, true energy that’s created at will, shows in your craft. That faith in people and believe they are smart, make you do smart work. That your success is not only yours alone, but shared with others who love and recognize your passion as much as you do. The reward is unmatchable. Last but not least – that i did not make this stuff up.

My passion pulls me 200% in! and the more i’m in the more thirsty i become, to design. The more passionate i become the more burnout i feel by the end of the day. It’s an amazing feeling in the most positive way. Yeah, burnout! it fuels me to want to do more of and pass it on to my daughters.

I’ll end this post by adding a sweet comment I also got today from someone who emailed me in response to my oil painting: “if all of your paintings change your life, it will be thrilling 😉

And it will 🙂




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