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“I don’t read music. I don’t write it. So I wonder around on the guitar until something starts to present itself”    James Taylor

Admiring guitar at two years of age
Most times, to me, life dictates work and I’m sure the way I think too. My daughter was two years old when she discovered her love for guitar. I remember her playing with her big sister’s guitar, twice her size, trying to wrap a little hand around the neck of the instrument, screaming babies songs while the other hand is moving and hitting those strings, making random sounds. The cutest thing in the world. The cutest.
When she was around four years I took her on a trip overseas to visit family and we also happened to be at my sister’s granddaughter birthday party. My younger one grabbed her toy guitar, a piece of junk I bought for 10 dollars which she carried with her everywhere (not shown), and played Happy Birthday song to her cousin. She was only four doing her thing and didn’t care the least who’s watching. Of course, random tunes and quirky sounds came out that made us all giggle. Someone even yelled “buy her the real one!”, but her love to the instrument was obvious. She wanted the “real deal” to play her “real” tunes.
She got her first electric guitar when she was six, after my husband spot a small ad of a guitar instructor. That person became my daughter’s teacher.  Two years later he is still teaching her to play on this wonderful instrument, which she is so passionately playing on, making beautiful and absolutely not random sounds. She even makes up her own songs. It’s way more than cute. It’s her passion and it shows and we are happy to see it growing each day with each note she plays.
My daughter on her first performance dedicated to her sister’s 18th birthday, where 130 family members watched her play on stage “I’m yours” and “Hotel California”, only six months into her guitar lessons. My husband is beside her encouraging the whole time.

She was very nervous but amazing at pretending that there was no one there
She plays to anyone who’s willing to listen. I remember walking around Miami beach my daughter spot a man playing guitar on the street and a hat lay in front of him. She asked my permission to approach the man. While talking to her sister I turned my head and to our amazement my guitarist was sitting on the sidewalk playing the man’s guitar. She was only three month guitar student! She cracked me up.
My daughter’s passion to music inspired me to expand my horizon and look at the ‘musical’ side of design: to listen to the beat, to feel it, to “see” what she hears. I’ve always loved music (older siblings passion) but to live with a child who plays guitar with all her heart is a whole new lesson for me.
Watching her passion grow has taught me to love this wonderful and magical instrument, to enjoy it’s presence even without playing, and listen to its unique sound. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to use its curvaceous form as an inspiration for my new rug design “Chops”.

Hand-knotted Tibetan made entirely by hand is modern and playful. A pattern that offers a sense of beat of curvy silky “chops” moving around a tight pile of rich custom blend fibers.
A rug designed with movement like those beautiful sounds I hear every time she put her fingers on the frets.
This rug is child-labor free and certified by GoodWeave
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