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the inspiration behind wildcard fusion

hi there,
i finally managed to steal an hour from this busy week (work, holiday)…to post a short inspiration story about  wildcard fusion. thinking about it now…the inspiration moves me…again…because it wasn’t planned or anything like that…it was just there…uninvited.
i remember sitting in this beautiful open terrace/entrance in a nepalese home belongs to our partner…thinking and struggling on one of the designs i wasn’t happy about.
color poms were thrown on the floor…yarns scattered around…samples…papers…and i gazed at the view. the windowless terrace revealed an almost unrealistic view of the Himalayas. i sat there for a while…played with the owner’s very clean and very white dog and watched this painted view…at some point you forget the harsh climate realities of the himalayas you know what i mean…when the sun alters the colors of the mountain…some parts looked dark…some light…gradually changing from one tone to another…almost like a painting effect. it was breathtaking.
it was all i needed…not only was the view so gorgeous…it was peaceful and serene…all the ingredients for a new inspiration… wild-card fusion was the most instinct and natural thing i could think about at that moment.
a beautiful image of a custom rug design "wildcard fusion"wildcard fusion in sky blues –  hand-knotted in nepal – © Copyrights RUG ART 2010
this rug is all about textures infused with unique blend of threads that play a major role here…resembling painting effect…various tones change the mood.
some say it looks like the sky…some say it reminds them a landscape…some even say it looks like an old peeling wall…to me it’s nature tricking us with her playfulness.
beautiful image of hand-knotted rugoversize fusion on the loom
nepalese artisans weaving a rugbeautiful room setting with fusion rugthe owner of this beautiful home designed by one of our clients, fell in love with fusion rug and chose the light colorway for this room.
beautiful image of hand-knotted rugbeautiful turquoise hand-knotted rug © Copyrights RUG ART 2010
it’s a rug of many moods. like nature. you can alter the tones or customize your own thread-blend and the rug gets a whole different face. who knew?
until then,
Bonne journée



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