Voyage to Morocco

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An event that turned reality into a dream

You see, a recent trip to Morocco has left me enchanted. I still am. Morocco is a country rich with delight and my long lasting memories of her will continue to inspire and stay close to me, like cherished pearls.
Most of all I’m inspired by Moroccan hospitality (maybe because my family is from Morocco). That’s a constant reminder why my mother is who she is: kind, generous and hard-working woman who loves to nurture and care for her family before anything else. Cultural values that have largely influenced me.
But, still excited and loaded with fresh memories I had to do something with all that. Besides working on a new rug collection inspired by the trip, I wanted to create something fun and unusual. Something special that will make us want more of.
And what could be better than hosting a Moroccan dinner party that includes authentic Moroccan recipes, desserts, atmosphere and music. All under a perfectly clear cool skies, surrounded only by nature and candle-lights.
Excited I, your devoted hostess, got to work:
It started with one light.
That turned into many. Already felt like magic.
Table was set and more of that magical light was added.
Like a painterly effect on a black canvas my Moroccan voyage was well on its way.
My backyard turned into a sultry Moroccan oasis. A room that makes you wanna tell secrets..
It took a lot of preparations. I mean. A lot.
Food was ready and smelled … ahhh. Then, guests arrived.
oooh and aaah… glow lit up beautiful faces.
“I feel I’m in Morocco Sigal”, heard a friend say. I think I blushed but lucky me it was dark.
Wine was poured, storied were told and laughter was heard. It was perfect.
Would I do it again?
In a blink.

What does your inspiration make you do?

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