If you can’t play it paint it

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i’ve always loved cello. not having any particular reason…just plain love them a lot and want to own one. i don’t have anyone in my family playing this impressive instrument but seen it a few times in my travels. as a gift i promised myself that one day i shall learn to play on one.
one of the things i enjoy doing most is painting. i’m very selective in regards to my to-be-painted subjects. i have a deep desire on emphasizing details in anything i touch and painting has given me the luxury to indulge on this desire. i love to reveal a soul in a painting.
as my oil painting skills progressed i begun to focus more on forms and harmony.  this is one of my first oil paintings and also one of my favorites:

oil painting of a woman with cello

this painting was exhibited here
painting of a woman with cello
inspired by my daughter’s music talent and learning about the structure of the cello helped me in perspective along with lot of guidance from my art guru. there is nothing more sensual than a naked woman’s body against a big standing cello.
i love painting the eyes. it’s the only time when a soul is revealed and changes everything. i did have an image of a woman in front of me when i was painting…but as the painting progressed the woman in my mind took a whole different dimension.
oil painting of a woman with celloand the mysterious man’s shadow coming from nowhere…? it was incorporated into the painting at the last minute. it was an uncomplicated choice to my a little complicated “before” vision: a woman with cello sitting on a hand-made rug i was going to choose from my design collections. eventually i decided to leave the concrete floor bare…to suggest a striking contrast between the girl’s soft skin and the rough concrete.
what do you think about this painting? does it make you feel something? anything? i would love to know.
fyi: interested? this oil on canvas, measures 24″x32″, is up for sale. email me for details.


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