Stones and Passions

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Recently, I’ve been shaken by my Moroccan roots and even dreamed about visiting the exotic country. I was drawn to Moroccan design for a while which inspired me to re-design my bedroom. For this particular project I designed a leather rug drawn from Moorish style. I can’t wait to receive it. Details about this project will be posted soon. In the meantime, I’m adding more rooms to what used to be my little project now turned into the project of the century. When will I ever finish decorating my house?
I adore exotic and mysterious style Morocco is so known for and am working on reflecting some of it in my own home. I’m thinking vivid colors, big tribal doors, olive trees, plush rugs and lots of candle light. Isn’t that exciting? Obsession? maybe. Vision? yes.
You see, I come from a large Moroccan household where tradition, food and decor had left their mark in my soul. The verdict: travel Morocco. For the first time I, along with my husband, are about to explore the land of mystery. The land of one thousand and one nights.
While my obsession continues, here is a Moroccan style Sukka my husband and I built in our backyard. Sukka is a temporary hut constructed from wood columns covered with branches. The results? colorful and dreamy oasis. It felt welcoming and mysterious that when our guests arrived all they could manage to say was it’s like Arabian nights here. I guess I was at the peak of my powers.
What do you think?

I grabbed anything colorful I could put my hands on

My Moroccan inspired Sukka

To read about my trip to Morocco click here
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