Salaam Morocco (part two)

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My dream to see Morocco have finally came to reality. I cannot describe in words how I felt, but all my senses came into play the moment I landed on this magnificent country. I was hungry to see, feel and smell what my mother always calls home. Home my mother, a young and pregnant teenager married to my father, was forced to leave after World War II.
High on the Atlas mountains
Mesmerizing and thrilling Morocco is a slow living country whose time is not important and sharing is unconditional. Moroccan people work hard, like to please others and know how to care for their families.
Narrow streets and alleys designed like a puzzle ,some are wide enough for only one person to walk through,  make the red city of Marrakesh very interesting to explore.

Koutoubia Mosque – the largest in Marrakesh
This arched door is simply gorgeous. If I ever own a Riad (traditional Moroccan house), this Moroccan architecture would definitely be a source of inspiration.
I found that Marrakesh and Fez have beautiful and colorful gardens in which some host the most rarest of plants.
Yes, it’s taller than you think. Other visitors did not forget to carve their names on some of these plants. I wanted to do that too but… .
Gardens in Morocco are filled with species diversity, an illustrator’s paradise.
Early morning while strolling around a private garden situated in this incredible property within the city of Fez, I discovered little sightseeing of shallow and narrow channels which water flows through.
The sound of the water, the bright colored garden, scattered fountains with cracked green-blue tiles, glorious sunshine and chirping birds all around made me feel swooned in the middle of a wild paradise, far away from earth.





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