Hint of tint

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image of a beautiful pink roses

Come to think of it I never liked roses. of any color. never appreciated their delicate scent or shape…didn’t even want to draw them.
Maybe because everyone I knew painted them…looked too easy…everyone I knew liked rose smelling perfumes…or rose color of anything.
But now…now I changed my mind…maybe because I have roses finally growing in my garden…and I’m able to watch them open up each day…washed with morning sun…their delicate smell…light hint of pink is just so right.
Not that I’m crazy about roses now or pink color…but I love the clues and possibilities this color offers…clues of hues that can be found in a can of almost white paint…it has a sheer hint of pink…a color that at night with mood lights turns into a light taupe hue. I call it a vague color…and I rolled it on my living room walls.
enjoy images of clues and hues

beautiful pink rose

Roses are unique…I can’t believe I’m saying this…but it’s true…in my close observation I found the flower to be symmetrical and its numerous petals are distributed evenly, almost to a perfect circle…and the texture is super velvety.
image of white rose petals

image of a beautiful pink beakfast

o.k. it’s not a rose but still…pink.

pink bracelete

light pink walls

my reading corner has light color pink walls
image of a pink table cloth and a morning coffeepink living roomMy reading corner has a chair I just reupholstered…will write a post about this diy. You have to see it to believe it!
Seriously now, what girl doesn’t like pink? any pink? do you have a pink story you’d like to share? can a girl grow out of pink? yes? no? my youngest daughter…maybe…but that doesn’t count. I know some men who like pink…my dad included…I think my husband too…but I don’t think he knows that yet.
In the meantime,
Bonne journée.




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