Hand knotted Vs. Hand Woven rugs

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 The concept of hand-knotted rug vs. hand-woven didn’t really occur to me until I begun to realize the number of times I hear people say and think, that hand-woven rugs also means hand-knotted rug. Not exactly.

Hand woven is a generalized word describing different types of rug making and not to be confused, not all hand-woven rugs are of the same quality. Hand knotted, hand tufted or flat-weave are all hand-woven rugs, not necessarily made entirely by hand in some technique like hand tufted, but one must know the difference between them when purchasing a good quality rug.

hand knotted process, rug artHand knotting process which as the name implies, means the knotting process is done entirely by hand, where wool or silk is knotted one by one. It is the traditional handmade process of rug making and the most desired technique for rug weaving. Hand knotting is significantly longer process of any other hand-made rug and requires skilled artists to produce them. The more knots per square inch the better and higher quality the rug is.

All of our rugs are hand-knotted using the best materials available in a high knot content, unless we specify a different technique for a particular rug,  like hand tufted or flat weave, which are not the same and the process of weaving these rugs is different.
The best quality rugs are hand-knotted and are generally considered works of art.

hand knotted process rug artIn my home for example, we have hand-knotted, flat weave and hand tufted rugs which I love them all because of the design, color and of course quality. But when I “tested” my rugs (just for the heck of it), I realized that I love my flat weave in the dining room because it’s a woven blanket that for us is perfect for that area; it’s easy to lift off the floor, shake it and put it back and arrange the furniture, especially if I entertained the night before.

flat weave rug for rug artThe hand tufted in my daughter’s room is thick due to its construction, but it was the right choice for her since kids tend to change their mind every 27 seconds, we didn’t want to invest in a hand-knotted rug that he wanted (she knows the difference in weaving techniques, smart heh?), but the hand tufted works in terms of color (no custom there) and budget. My classic and beautiful assets are my hand-knotted rugs, one in our bedroom and one in the living room. No high traffic in the bedroom so we splurged on silk and high knot count. The rug  is very durable and comfortable under foot, especially in the morning when we walk around the room, it feels really nice. The colors and pattern are gorgeous and bring the room to life. The same goes for the hand-knotted in my living room; the rug lush cut pile fills up the space with visual volume and artistic interest we all love to look at and walk on. A true works of art.



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