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hi there,
today godesigngo has a great press about my latest rug design spice and the inspiration story behind this creation. i think you will like it…every time i look at this rug it takes me back to my solo trip to india…makes me relive every moment.
if you happen to visit the icff this year just hop in and say hi…you’d see spice and lots of other new stuff on display.
honestly, spice rug is by far one of my favorites (unless i beat my own design :))…not because of the press (still, thank you)…or the style or anything like that…i just wish i could explain what it does to me when i look at it. you all know by now that art feeds my soul…
and again…thank you for the press…and those who visit my blog…those who love my rugs…those who appreciate my art.
i can’t resist posting spice again
beautiful rug design "spice"to view full image here
until then,
Bonne journée


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