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hanging beauties

whenever i enter a room, especially for the first time, my eyes are almost always looking either up or down – chandeliers or rugs. dah. when i moved into our current house i made sure to hang a beautiful chandelier in every room…especially in the kitchen…the best place to display your most prized kitchen possession don’t you think?
in my travels or shopping trips i  try to steal a moment to capture hanging beauties:
image of a beautiful chandelier in the bahamas
love this chandelier. the whole space is so Bali inspired
massive glamorous chandelieron a much smaller scale i would love to have one in my bedroom
glass and glamorous chandelier in india
massive in size and visual impact this glamorous chihuly inspired chandelier hangs at “shangri-la” hotel new-delhi. the massive size lobby contain three of them! a stunner!
star inspired chandelier
shining star in one of many atlantis hotel dining rooms in the bahamas. i literally ate my food cold…was busy starring at this glam star. i can absolutely see it rocking my high ceiling dining room. it gets my attention every time.
beautiful glass chandelier
one of my finds at a home center.
glamorous chandelier
another find. perfect for moroccan inspired outdoor spaces. love. i should have bought it when i saw it. damn.
glass lantern chandelier
beautiful chandeliers in a bedroomvery appropriate light fixtures…adding a feminine touch to a very zen inspired bedroom. the rug is from our textura collection.

unique chandelier in paris

how cool is that. simple kitchen items and bam! instant chandelier.
cool chandelieranother parisian creation. they were on display in printemps, paris.
now i know what to do with my plain wine bottle openers…
gorgeous glass chandelierthis chandelier reminds me of long artificial nails. it’s an interesting fixture if you saw the whole space it resides in…but not my taste.
beautiful room with wall sconseso.k. it’s not a chandelier…but isn’t this just a beautiful modern space? i love how the wall “throws” little windows of lights. chic.
now, i have one more room in my house in which is in desperate need for a beautiful glass chandelier…my bedroom. right now my bedroom ceiling has this boring looking fan…which helps me breath sometimes…but that’s it. any suggestions? pictures?
thanks a lot and in the meantime,
bonn journée






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