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Nature has been mastering itself for some time now and it is an honor to be able to capture its beauty. (Justin Beckett)

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Glow, Hand Knotted Himalayan wool and Chinese silk. RUG ART

Ever since I learned scientific illustration I became fascinated by mother nature; rock formations and patterns, stones and plants.

When I was in high school I remember this trip very vividly; I was struck by this ancient magical small Cave in the Judea Mountains. It was an impressive collection of sculpted rocks and frozen drops of water, naturally formed during a period of a hundreds of thousands of years beneath the ground. I was fascinated by its ambiance and bizarre looking stones that like a magnet I was drawn back to see the cave time and again. It was a jaw dropping experience for me; The mood and color, nature’s glorious wonders, even the silence – everything was intriguing. I walked around gazing and speechless. I wanted to touch but wasn’t allowed. I did it when no one was watching. The rocks felt smooth to the touch almost like glass and very cold. The air was moist and strangely, while I walked followed by a path, it felt as if I was floating. I’ve never seen anything so magical, so magnificent and so naturally artistic without a touch of a human hand, as this drip-stone Cave. Still fascinated and in awe by this experience I knew that a rug design was a possibility and I already begun to envision how it’s going be constructed.

When I begun to think this rug in my head, my thought was to achieve something that will have a mystical/vintage feel but modern in design. The colors I worked with are not only subtly complementing each other, but also have an understated elegance. I chose to work with wool and silk. The design itself is layered with unstructured texture of drips-like silk, revealing subtle movement of elegant pattern in the background. Anything else added would distract from its sophisticated elegance. The high mountain wool is rich in oil which gives the rug its natural luster, but with the addition of silk the rug gets this patina shine that only emphasizes the design’s characteristics.

The rug feels very soft under foot and lustrous; a design well appreciated from any angle one chooses to look at. Visit our NY showroom to view the new collection.


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