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hi there,
how are you all?
remember my post when i talked about powder rooms? i posted some images of mine too. it looked beautiful and i liked it…then. but the design bug hit me again and i wanted a change it…start fresh…make it unexpected to every visitor…even a repeated one.
when idea strikes…speaking of idea i found my inspiration for my powder room’s new look: vintage glamour.
you see, my daughter is a very talented young guitarist. she inspires me to express my love for music i never thought i would. i even designed a rug inspired by her talent but that’s another post. so when i went to the art store to buy markers i spot this card stock album on a shelf, filled with pages showing gorgeous music elements you know which one i’m talking about?
and  i’m thinking: why not take this card stock papers and use them as a wallpaper?? genius!!
so i did.
assuming you’ve read my post i mentioned above (it’s o.k. if you havn’t…but you should), then you probably know how it looked before. and this. this is how it looks like now:


silver leaf ceiling with glass chandelieri painted the crown moldings french blue color i purchased from lowe’s.
glamorous powder room diy projectfeathers always add a touch of glamour
powder room diy project
i used wallpaper glue to apply one square foot sheets on the wall. you have to be very neat. i discovered that after my second messy mistake…
don’t you just love these music notes? i mean really you can sit there and read them…
silver leaf ceiling and glass chandelier-diy silver-leaf ceiling i did before this project…left untouched.
beautiful diy project for a glamorous powder room
it was time to hang art…
beautiful oil painting of a woman with cello-man in the shadowand this woman came to mind. love her.

beautiful oil painting of a woman with cello-man in the shadow

gorgeous glamorous powder roomthe painting of a woman with cello on the right is my latest oil painting. she is the perfect addition for this powder room. what do you think? had any of you used these stock card before? for what? feel free to comment. i want to know.
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