fall for these shades

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i love fall colors, with all the warmth and coziness they offer. i don’t celebrate halloween but seeing all these warm spicy colors around how can one not get inspired?
interiors designed in warm fall shades are always inviting no matter the time of year, and are especially soothing in winter months. a room painted hot red sounds intimidating to most people but let your inspiration “travel”…you will find yourself bursting with craving for color change in your own home…or maybe even your hair (not orange ladies)…or paint something…or zap something you already own, in a hot accent hue.
i love pumpkins. roasted that is. better yet – after roasting it the warm colors are intensified let alone the flavor.
so here’s a pumpkin, not roasted, painted…in warm watercolor hues. by me.
picture of a pumpkin painted in watercolori find inspiration in my kitchen – love hot spicy flavors and colors. makes home decor so much easier…
because these shades of beauty surround us all the time.
picture of spices in paris market
the rug below, for example, was inspired by the beautiful shape and shade of the star anis spice, only magnified. imagine this warm rug in your own room.
picture of a hand knotted rug inspired by spice
picture of leafs in fall
image of a glass vase with flowerswhen i lived in nyc i walked through the park daily. i would pick dried leafs to paint, especially in the fall…when you get the most out of their color and texture…which inspired me to design leafdrop rug below.
picture of hand knotted rug design by sigal sasson
image of fall colors for home decorvia
image of a book cover moroccan interiorsvia
moroccan interiors are known in their exuberance display of warm shades like it’s nobody’s business.
so get inspired.
what’s your fall favorite?
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