The most romantic place in the world

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Where romance meet inspiration:

The latest beautiful rug shown in go-design-go is my inspiration from one of the most romantic places on our planet: venezia, the canal…don’t you agree?

romantic and contemporary in feel, this rug illustrates twists and turns that compose a continuous pattern, resembling the twists and turns of the canal itself.

beautiful room setting with escape rug for RUG-ART

when i designed this hand-made rug i loved the idea that i was able to play with my sketch, directing my pencil anywhere i wanted on the paper, much the same way when i followed the canal turns through the streets of venice.

the truth is the picture of the rug here make no justice. you will have to stop by our showroom to truly see and feel this unique piece.

i love how the soft rich tibetan wool beautifully contrasts with the softness of the various silk fibers that are weaved into the pattern, composing a love affair feel and appeal.

the beautiful canal in veicei strolled around the canal so many times for so many hours watching the little waves, moves and turns, that at some point it can hypnotize you.

thank you godesigngo.

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