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our pintrest page - rug art

Have you checked our Pinterest page lately? it’s full of images and projects that will inspire you for your next project. As the owner and rug designer I urge you, if I’m allowed to say so, to begin your project from the ground up – the rug. Starting a room design with a rug is a huge deal. In other words, if you don’t know where to begin then a beautiful rug of your choice is a good start. I have the same dilemma when I want to design a room but end up looking through my rug images to choose one. You can use a rug of your choice to its full potential in terms of inspiration. It’s got it all – color, texture, mood, light and of course pattern, to inspire you to work the whole space around it. It’s like having a personal shopper, and the bigger the rug the better. Did I forget something? oh yes, customizing your rug will not only help you create a whole room around it, but a beautiful pattern rug in your home means that you, along with your floors, are celebrating personalized beauty and design every day.

Check us out on Pinterest, you will find rug designs, colors, textures, moods and more.



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