{daily romance) Don’t stage it, Romance it

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romancing your home with photos, flowers and rugsTo most people Valentine’s Day is when our home and the people we love takes center stage, as we get inspired and transform rooms and hearts. We add romantic notes, buy more flowers, prepare special treats for our loved ones, get all romantic and spoil each other with gifts and happy “selfies”.

I believe our emotions should be celebrated every day, not only on Valentine’s Day. Good or bad we learn from them (hopefully) and continue to grow, so why not? Why not show how we feel to those we love and connect with on a daily basis? even that special love and connection to our surroundings – this beautiful shelter we call home, a place that keeps us safe and happy?

Like having a romantic relationship, transforming a home with “little notes” and showing our love is a journey. Some think it’s work, takes too much time, too much money…no, not in my book. Romance is not work and loving our home is not work. I simply call it “a home with a love story”.

Now lets show our home some daily love.

 romancing your home with rugsromance your floors by letting light colored sheers drape freely on a rug .

romancing your home with photos and rugsromance your walls by hanging family photos and glass sconces painted glossy black.

romancing your home with rugs and family photosRomance your coffee table by showing off old photos next to a clear glass filled with dried flowers.

 romancing your home with photos and rugsWho said a vase has to be filled with flowers?

romancing your home with beautiful rugRomance your bedroom with a custom rug made just for you. Worth the splurge. This is Tulip, a rug design I’ve created for those who know what romance is all about…and the Mr. knows it too.

romancing your home with rugsGet out and romance with nature.

romance your home with rugs and artRomance objects of beauty around your home.

 romancing your home for valentine's dayRomancing your drink. Every day. Why not?

valentines day romanceHold hands. No matter what.

paris on valentine's dayOr do nothing and move to Paris.



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