kings, love and desire. Cyprus.

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“When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money”. anonymous
Funny but true. My trip to Cyprus was spontaneous and so was the content of my luggage. I could leave it home and simply take only a bathing suit (don’t forget the money). It was scorching hot.
After about half hour flight plus five hour delay prior, we landed in Limassol, the second largest city of Cyprus. Off the plane and out of the airport it hit me: the heat people, the heat! It’s in your face. Add a good chunk of  humidity and one can turn into a steamed meat in 60 seconds flat. But no regrets here. Limassol is a sassy small Mediterranean island but big on personality. It’s full of history, archaeological sites and night life. An island of kings, of love, of desires.

photo credit: sigal sasson

photo credit: sigal sasson

photo credit: sigal sasson

Troodos mountains

We took a ride on the mountains.
We loved walking around tiny streets. Getting to know the unknown.
Old villages and monasteries, narrow and curvy streets. I even spotted the tiniest post office I’ve ever seen. Entry ways adorned with flower pots.

Agios Georgios monastery

Nuns occupy monasteries where they grown their own herbs and make their own artifacts.

Alamanos monastery

one of the many monastery arches

I love the purple painted arch. What a bright contract against a neutral surrounding.

view from the rooftop: Troodos mountains

It was so quite and serene. I could hear my heartbeat.

Impressive Greek invention: weaving loom. A tradition that dates back to medieval time

A visit to an old Greek house that turned into a museum revealed an impressive Greek invention: hand looms, we were told, helped families to survive by weaving their own clothes.

Greeks are known for being practical

The luxury of a simple living

picking grapes at the monastery vineyard

Cyprus produces excellent wines and the old monastery owns wine production facility. It was hot outside and the the Sultana grapes on the property looked juicy. We had to end the visit so I picked a hand-full of grapes (we were allowed) and rushed to eat them before they turn into raisins. They were so yummy.
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