“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.”

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rug art and goodweave event at rug art showroom


This week was hectic and crazy and a little emotional too. A lot was happening at our showroom, the event in Astra restaurant and at the D&D Spring Market. I walked up and down the floors looking at all the beautiful window display in other showrooms, as I got near our window I watched my 11 year old daughter holding a big sign featuring GoodWeave image and our partnership with them, right by our showroom door. It took me a few seconds to “swallow” the moment, then I approached her and asked if she knows what the sign is about. She pointed at the children in the picture and said “oh mom, they to go to school…you sell rugs and give them money so they won’t have to work”. I heard her answer but wasn’t sure what her voice told me. A typical eleven year old? maybe not. But I rushed to explain to her, again and in simple words so an eleven year old would understand the big meaning behind everything she sees, touch even wears, how privileged SHE is, and how many children around the world are not as fortunate and miss out on so much that she, at a young age, have experienced in her childhood.

rug art spring market event at the D&D

Some day, I told her, I want my daughters to join me on a trip to Nepal to see and talk to these beautiful children who are lucky enough go to school, eat, visit the doctor when needed and feel loved and cared for. And it is only because of a great effort and compassion, I added, that come from good humans who care enough to help. Simple but fundamental things that many children in this country take advantage of. And just like her, I added, these children have dreams and want to become somebody when they grow up.

I look at the children on the image and think about my daughters who are talented, beautiful and healthy, and can’t stop but thank god for the gift he had given us and for the opportunity to teach, inspire and support others. I hope that some day my daughters too will make a difference in someone’s life. The reward is priceless.



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