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Bring Asian design style into your space

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Tweet Chinese New Year is an important festival for Chinese and is happening on Feb. 8th 2016. Many interesting stories in history explain the start of this holiday, but the main reasons for this festival are to celebrate a year of hard work, good rest and relax with family. Also to wish for a good luck and prosperity. Red is the main color involved in the celebration and associated with luck and good fortune. Think of those red hanging lanterns, big round tables loaded with food, dragon dancing and monkeying…read more


Best grand mix of artistry

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Tweet So you’re a lawyer (if not, let’s assume you are) or have a law-firm, and you have an office where you spent most of your day time hours, sometimes nights too. An office where you have serious meetings, lunches, employees roaming around. But how does your office environment make you or your clients feel? Law is an occupation that throws aura of seriousness but just because you’re a law firm doesn’t mean your surroundings have to be boring or plain dull. Take this law corporate offices for example, in…read more

Life is more Beautiful when decorating with rugs

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It’s summer…winter…spring or fall – no matter what time of year it is , sprucing up a room with rugs is the best choice you can do for your space. A rug, a beautifully made rug for that matter, offers a lot to work with from texture and color to pattern, mood and interest. A rug provides the back bone of every room making it look polished and finished.

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