Career day priceless rewards

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Remember my career day post? well, a couple of days ago my daughter came back from school handing me Thank you letters from my young new fans – these beautiful young minds watched me in action, when i stood in front of them in school and shared my work and my passion, while handing everyone postcards with rug designs . I felt I had to share some of them with you:
here is a card from a ten yrs old boy, who got a postcard with calabasas rug image on it. he designed a thank you card inspired by this rug.the sweetest thing i’ve seen –
calabasas inspired thank you card for career dayhere is another sweet thank you card i got –
this boy does value time and effort –

career day thank you note to RUG ART

here is another bright and colorful thank you card designed by a young girl, who not only focused on one calabasas inspired motif, but sweetly enough compared me to Romano Brito. I’ll quote:
“Dear Rug art Company,
…you did make this career day special for me I am really impressed how you draw. at first I thought a artist named Romano Brito drawed very pretty but when I saw Rug art company Romano Brito is gone in my mind now my favorite artist is you”.
i couldn’t stop smiling.

calabasas inspired career day thank you note for rug art

it all came to us as a surprised and my husband and i are simply delighted.

“the most honest feedback one can get usually comes from a young mind. ” sigal s.

don’t you think?


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