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I always take photos of objects around my house or others. Always discovering something new.


moroccan style glass chandelier in a foyerMoroccan inspired glass chandelier in a tiny sweet size foyer in my house.
Sometimes I’d leave the lights on just to stare at this beautiful pink glow around…a no no according to my husband…waste of electricity.

beautiful foyer


moroccan mirror in a beautiful foyer The Moroccan mirror in the background was missing many tiny round mirrors…when i looked for a Moroccan inspired mirror…so i asked for a discount.
Not only that the sales lady reduced the price drastically…i also insisted that she would look for the missing pieces. She found them. Yay.


beautiful lapiz chandelier in a foyer
Another chandelier…love chandeliers…i could hang them anywhere.
gallery wall in a T.V. room
This is our wall of fame.
On the floor is one of my rugs “Heliconia wild” design…inspired by my watercolor paintings of the Heliconia plant…fits well next to other botanical art.
The color combination of monochrome sepia works well with the art pieces that are hanging on the wall
Besides…anyone with a piece of art…or thinks his/her work is a piece of art…is welcome to hang it on this wall. Well…most of them are mine…kidding.
I don’t mind to have your master piece on my wall of fame.
Bonne journee
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