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Chinese New Year is an important festival for Chinese and is happening on Feb. 8th 2016. Many interesting stories in history explain the start of this holiday, but the main reasons for this festival are to celebrate a year of hard work, good rest and relax with family. Also to wish for a good luck and prosperity.

Red is the main color involved in the celebration and associated with luck and good fortune. Think of those red hanging lanterns, big round tables loaded with food, dragon dancing and monkeying around.


chinese new yearClick image for photo credit

While there are many ways to celebrate Chinese New Year you can blend this beautiful Asian design style into your home as well, if you keep a few simple guide lines in mind. You don’t have to go crazy and replace everything you already have. A few changes, while keeping simple guide lines in mind, can help you reach your goal and enjoy your new Asian mood.

The primary cornerstones of Asian style rooms focus on the feel of a space, minimal clutter and sophisticated simplicity. Not always easy to achieve but when done right, a space that evokes peace and serenity is priceless.

incorporating Chinese design style in your space

Clean and clutter-free guest-room helps guests relax and feel welcome. The only pattern is the embroidered flowers with a touch of red on the silk decorative pillow covers. Will it stay this serene when the guest leaves? we don’t know.

Keep live Asian inspired plant in a room to tie the room together.

Use pattern with an Asian inspired screen as a decorative room divider that adds a unique structure for an otherwise minimal interior.

Another great way to add Asian inspired style is with rugs. You don’t have to use traditional oriental carpets to inject Asian style, this can be done by layering your floors with beautiful hand-made contemporary rug that has an interesting design and texture.

new contemporary rugs that evoke Asian feel are elegant and can beautifully introduce a new pattern, texture and color in a space. Hand-made rugs like the ones featured below are graphic and contemporary, offering a fresher take on a traditional Chinese theme design.


Creating Asian design style   incorporating Asian style in your home

Leafdrop hand-knotted rug (left) offers a gorgeous backdrop for a single white lounging piece while the colors tie together with the rest of the room’s architecture.

incorporating asian style into your home. rug art  incorporating asian style into your space. rug art

Our hand-knotted rug Polar, although the design is inspired by an Asian coin, it offers an Asian feel without looking well…too Asian. In this modern eclectic study the rug was constructed in muted tones to complement the colors on the wall, ground the antique writing desk while the blue in the wing chairs beautifully complement the blue silk used in the rug. Everything in this room is beautifully layered. Even in a study like this you can kick off your shoes and relax.

introducing an asian inspired style into your space. rug art

Like Chinese screens, these handsome rugs look like a work of art as you see in the rug above, Muse. The rug is inspired by miniature bonsai arrangement. Use these timeless beauties to create or divide a space, without the need to place too many furniture on them. That works particularly well for a zen-like room, or when creating a transitional area between rooms like a hallway or a foyer.

By following these design tips with some added research while keeping in mind the essential cornerstone of Asian design style, you are on your way to a indulge in a relaxed atmosphere that is bound to keep you comfortable…even happy.

And if you are one of those who doesn’t take like too seriously you can always add a laughing Buddha.

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