Blue Blue Blue!

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Blue hue. So many things have been said, and done, when mentioning the color blue and how it effects people’s moods, interiors, sometimes lives.

I remember as a little girl, my dad bought for me a standing chalk board and chalks all in the shades of blue, and told me to go outside the house (he even showed me a specific spot where i should stand and view the horizon), then he said “now draw what you see”. That was my first “blue” memory with my dad. My other “blue” memory with my mom was when she asked me what color i wanted my room to be now that it was all my own, and i said “light blue stripy wallpaper”. Another “blue” memory was when my oldest brother (30 years older!) took me on a winter shopping adventure (ordered by my mom), and helped me pick the puffiest, furriest, bluest winter coat I’ve ever had my eyes and hands laid on. I just. loved. it.
I can go on and on with my blue design and inspiration, rug art

You see, blue never goes out of style no matter what the season is. Personally, with respect to them, I don’t follow trends. At RUG ART when I design rugs regardless of the patterns, my mood always strikes “blue” some way or another. It’s a color of many moods from relaxation to dance to disco to a perfect moment or a faded moment, you name it.

Blue sparks imagination. It never cease to surprise us.

Notice, that in Sultry rug I used different shades of blue wool and silk. Not only it was inspired by my trip to Morocco but to me it’s a rug that sparks childhood memories. Also, check out Hello Gorgeous and Byzantin rugs, where dark and light blue yarns have been specifically dyed for these particular designs and to provoke a certain mood. I believe any interior should have some kind of blue injected. Blue acts as an oxygen tank – fresh and renew. Step outside and raise your eyes, what do you see? gigantic blanket of blue skies. I absolutely love blue in any hue. Don’t you?
Check out our blue rugs and let us know what you think. Have fun!

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