Blazing a trail

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There has never been a better time to feel what I’m feeling today – a great sense of pride.
I’ve been working with my husband/business partner since day one – the very first day we left everything that was familiar and got into the unknown. Moving to this country was our greatest adventure and this land had excepted me even when I had nothing to offer. Fast forward, we founded Rug Art International and things started rolling, slowly but surely. Over the years we’ve had obstacles (who doesn’t), but we kept our eyes open, our charisma going and our warm personality that shaped the way our company rolls. The craft of overcoming those obstacles got sharpened over the years and with persistence, hard work and determination we became the people and the company we are today. And if it wasn’t for my business partner/husband Vidal, who has a lot of qualities I do not have, I wouldn’t be writing this today.

         rug art at domotex. makers of fine custom rugs  rug art at domotex show. makers of fine custom rugs

I’m sharing all these because Rug Art International is showcasing for the first time in DOMOTEX 2016 this week. I’m feeling a high sense of pride seeing my rug collections hanging beautifully on walls, as if it was a work of art. But…it is. These hard at work collections are going to impress an international mix of visitors including our clients.

         rug art at domotex. makers of fine custom rugsrug art at domotex. makers of fine custom rugs
The whole thing is a little funny to me because back then, as a DOMOTEX visitor, I did not expect this. Luckily, we live in a world where we are passionate about our work and can show and share it with so many like-minded people.

Working with extraordinary fibers, wool rugs and carpets have always been desirable, but there is so much more we work with and Rug Art collections are experiencing a whole new creative energy that will serve you well for many years to come.

rug art at domotex. makers of fine custom rugs

rug art at domotex. makers of fine custom rugsWe are not following trends. We are blazing a trail. Come see for yourself.



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