Bespoke rug – I’ll have what he’s having, please

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gorgeous hand knotted rug Silhouette design, rug art

One of my favorite moments when collaborating with a client and creating a custom rug, is that the whole process brings a fresh perspective on my own designs. A well known TV personality (which I cannot reveal his name), chose my Silhouette rug, one of our latest designs, but asked to change the colors. Coincidentally, I’ve created drawings of other colorway for this particular rug, but kept it in a drawer and left Silhouette in its original rich tones. Until this client showed up.

beautiful hand knotted rug, rug art SilhouetteIf there’s anyone who loves colors and not afraid to show it is this particular client. Silhouette new colors for this projects are fresh and vivid, to me it looks like a new rug design.

We went on with drawings of the new colors, then sample, approval, then to actual execution of the rug. Everything looked good on paper especially the colors, but when we got pictures of the rug itself completed and ready to ship from Nepal, we were like wow! it made me drool. It is absolutely a stunner. Rich wool in the background shows off a gorgeous layer of bright silk pattern, oh this rug is delicious I want it.

 silhouette-customcolor1 silhouette-customcolor2

Actually, I would love to sit in this client’s home with the rug in the room (and the client too). I can only imagine how he feels and what the room’s going to look like.

In reference, I’m working on Silhouette rug in its new colorway (slightly different), for our inventory and can’t wait to see it in the coming months. Nothing gets more attention, or expresses sensuality, shows presence and says “here I come” than a pop of color. It’s the ultimate in personalization.

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