Behind Moroccan doors

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When I think of Morocco I imagine a big heavy wooden door, super size door knocker and a long rusty hinges run across a carved exotic design, that express mystery and wonder. Yes, Moroccan doors.
You probably know by now how much I adore the look of Moroccan influence. I particularly love love love Moroccan tribal doors. They express mystery.. are they keeping secrets behind?
The one in the photo above was a surprising welcome on my recent visit to Marrakech. That is the door to my room in a Riad where I had stayed. When I opened it I walked through a wide stucco arch opening than, slowly, I slid a beautiful tall curtain to reveal a sophisticated modern Moroccan living room. Who knew?
Here is another one. Remember this? it was first posted when I returned from Morocco this past October but I  can’t resist its exquisite details.  Had to post it again. I can stare at it for hours and imagine it’s.. well.. my door.

So gorgeous I almost have no words. photo credit: sigal sasson

photo credit: sigal sasson

What’s behind the door in the photo above? 500 year old synagogue in the Melah area of Marrakech. Simply stunning.

Blue doors. Photo credit: sigal sasson


Outside Marrakech there is a store that sells lighting. As we walked through I noticed an opening to a beautiful garden. I stepped outside turned my head back and there it was: (besides my husband who jumped in), a pair of gorgeous and bright purple/blue wooden doors starring right back at me, hanging on a dirty-red painted wall. Stunning. A loud duo I could almost hear it saying Hey, over here!. Would you use this combination in your home? Where? I would but outdoor, like in my backyard or something.
I couldn’t get my eyes off of it, in which by the way, a big sign facing these doors (not shown) said  “NO PHOTOS”. And I’m thinking “how could you?”

photo credit: sigal sasson

What’s behind this striking door above? We were invited for a meal in this house offered by a very kind Jewish family who lives there for generations. We didn’t know them. Yes, just like that. Moroccan hospitality.
Why I love this door so much? the hanging “pendant” ,or should I say knocker, is made of solid brass and, like jewel, adorns an otherwise simple rustic design. The heavy wood work surrounding it adds much presence. Gorgeous.


photo credit: sigal sasson


Moroccan doors are so elaborate and full of presence you simply can’t ignore them (unless you’re really really in a hurry). They are everywhere.


A new take on Moroccan design

Just look at these. Mondrian inspired modern glass doors surrounded by intricate carving Morocco is so known for. What a contrast. And for a change the doors are a see-through.


Doors at the pool area, La-Mamounia hotel, Marrakech. Photo credit: sigal sasson













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