behind “cosmo” rug design

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sometimes the inspiration doesn’t have to wow…it is the fruit that matters.

this is one of a very few rug designs that makes me wonder every time i look at it. no matter what the settings are…it could be in a beautiful modern living room or in a luxurious dressing room (yes indeed)…or just plain laid on the concrete floor in nepal ready to be shipped…i cannot stop but marvel at the details…the feel…
the hands that meticulously and patiently weaved it.
it gives this labor of love a whole new dimension…
a recognition and understanding to the hand-made product…
and what it takes to make it happen.
image of a beautiful hand-knotted in nepal rug, by sigal sasson rug-artcosmo made to order  is a blend of himalayan wool and other luxurious fibers all weaved into a lush cut pile ground.

it’s a rug of many moods.

it can look dramatic.
beautiful picture of hand-knotted rug by sigal sasson rug-art
from any angle this rug reveals a granular like feel resembling gravel. can you see it? that is the influence behind the design. it’s an every day kind of inspiration but the fruit is lots of labor on love.
abstract in design, the amount of fibers considered for this rug and the way in which they are integrated requires a good amount of control. otherwise, there is always the tendency to over do it.
it can look subtle…below.

beautiful hand-knotted RUG-ART rug

beautiful hand-knotted rug-art rug, cosmo cosmo above was photographed from another angle…
when our client chose tone on tone for this rug one of the fibers used…silk…reflects light and so a beautiful  glow of copper color is showing, accenting the surroundings (i need to give photography tips to our sweet and so helpful sales person in ny showroom. thank you frank).
hand-knotted rug in bright colors by sigal sasson rug-artneed i say more?
how cool and just plain happy is this one? gotta love it.
was custom made for a very specific and gutsy taste. did i mentioned “moods”?
it’s a rug fully customizable
and can fit any
of your moods.








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