Beautiful things takes time to make

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the process of hand knotted rugs

In a world we live in today almost everybody I know expects instant satisfaction, immediate results in almost anything they do. But from my own experience I know some things, maybe a lot of things if we really think about them are worth waiting for, especially when the results are timeless and create meanings, like painting, drawing, sculpting even cooking. Love too if i might add. And such are the rugs we make. Many steps are involved in this unique rug making process but for one, the hand knotting process requires attention to fine details, sharp senses and precision. It is an art form I’ve been admiring since I remember myself and I  love to watch and know how it’s created.

 the process of hand knotted rugs, rug art

 Think about what it takes to hand dye the yarn. They hand mix the colors first and sometimes it takes more than one try.the process of hand knotted rug, rug art
Think about it: would you hand knot your own rug? Our new Isabel is on the loom and the graph is hanging right above it (which was made by hand as well). But before that, the frame (loom) and the foundation had to be prepared as well, by hand.

the process of hand knotted rugs, rug art

Every single small sample of Fusion rug you see in this image had to match to the large sample the man is sitting on, that had to match to the oval rug facing down, then cut to shape. All custom hand made to a client’s specific requests.

the process of hand knotted rugs, rug art

For a large size Shadow rug on the loom it takes more than one person to weave and more then just coordination between them all.

the process of rug making, hair on hide, rug art

While our rugs, pile or hair on hide collections are going through different processes and steps, each and one of them gets its own character once finished.

And as I said, beautiful things are worth waiting for.

rug art, hello gorgeous, custom hand knotted rug

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