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“a beautiful rug is like a conversation piece laid in the middle of a room, only bigger.”      sigal sasson
happy november to you all,
it’s amazing how time flies it’s scary don’t you think? now my friends, this post is in respond to comments i sometimes hear from people about rugs like “i didn’t think rugs can look so beautiful” or ” i thought rugs are just to cover the floor” or “sigal, if i didn’t know you i would never look at rugs the way i do now” and so on. the last comment was from a friend who came to visit me at the icff and had no clue about the world of rugs in terms of designs and transformations. my sister, for example,  is amazed every time i come up with a new idea. she emails me images of inspiration that might trigger my imagination. i love to share my passion with her and she loves my updates.  i am not bragging now.
you know, when i was little i remember my mother used to wash, by hand, her expensive and large oriental rugs. she rolled the rugs, carried them to our backyard and unrolled again to clean: she would wash them with a solution she made herself, bending on her hard working knees and brush, wash and rinse. over and over for hours. after, she would hand me a big squeegee to help her remove the water from the rugs. i did it about a thousand time on every piece. it is a hard work! today you have companies who do that for you.
rug installation
spice rug  being installed
later my mom would lay the rugs flat to dry in the sun. very much similar process of a rug making in nepal. it’s just that when i was little i didn’t know anything, i simply thought my mother liked to work too hard.
my point is, after the rugs were rolled it was nice to feel the cool stone under my feet, but i always felt that something was missing. i would count the days until my mother would lay the rugs back on the floor.
when my mom brought them back inside and and unrolled the rugs, it was like…someone had just lit up the room. the rooms looked beautiful again, grounded. i used to walk on the rugs barefoot just for the silky feel under my feet ,or  i would throw a pillow and do my home work on it. *sigh* i can’t say i don’t have a special relationship with rugs:
floors are the very foundation to display gorgeous rugs, not just to cover, but to anchor and pull together every piece of furniture or art you have in the room.
so here are some pictures of our rugs in room settings:
beautiful room setting with hand knotted rug "heliconia wild"heliconia wild rug in a hallway
beautiful living room with spice rug on the floor by sigal sassonbeautiful room settings with spice rugbeautiful picture of living room settings with rugspice rug in living room
beautiful bedroom with hand knotted rug, room settingsbeautiful bedroom settings with rug "fusion" by sigal sassonbeautiful room settings with hand knotted rug fusion by sigal sassonfusion rug in bedroom
beautiful living room settings with calabasas rug by sigal sassoncalabasas rug in living room
beautiful room settings with hand knotted rugcustom rug in library
beautiful bedroom with heliconia rug by sigal sassonheliconia rug in bedroom (rendering)
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