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Shadow rug design

I had to write about my Shadow rug design again i guess because i love it so much and it does have a lot of admirers…and they are growing. In our showroom Shadow almost never goes unnoticed.

A recent project by one of our clients shows just how many personalities Shadow rug can convey. Some clients place this rug against a dark wood floor which shows the design as a focal point. Others match the background of the rug to the color of the floor to create a sophisticated blend without overpowering the rest of the furnishing, but the design still takes center stage.

In this image I just got from our client however, i felt the urge to share it with you. I cannot ignore the atmosphere created by the plays of lights bouncing around this room coming from the window, light fixtures, chrome chairs and the “glassy” floor that’s on top lays my rug “Shadow” which simply plays off the lights in this room, with it’s warm golden over-scale shimmery silk pattern. Even the rug looks wet.

This room is minimal but there is so much going on thanks to the reflective lights filled with the addition of the warmth coming from the rug, everything here just screams GLAMOUR. I would love to sit in this room. and wait.

hand knotted rug in a room settinghand knotted rug shadow by sigal sassonshown: Shadow – can be customized to any specification.

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