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The Art of Customized living

from this
rio custom rug
to this:
rio rug in a room settings
This is when i get this happy feeling…a moment that never cease to amaze me when i see an installation of our rugs, whether i’m present in the location or viewing a picture sent to me, i just love seeing how these rugs transform rooms.
from this:
fusion custom rug on the loomto this:
fusion rug in a room settings
One of the things i’m most passionate about is interior decorating and design and if i’m not involved in the interior design process i am involved in the rug design and everything around it while collaborating with very talented interior designers and architects. It’s inspiring to watch how the rug starts from scratch especially when a challenging floor plan is involved and the rug has to be cut to shape to accommodate a specific arrangement, as you can see.
And finally, watching how the finished hand-made product placed on the floor surrounded by furniture and art – a whole transformation occurs right in front of you – it’s not only a visual delight, but also an expression of ideas and emotions at a moment of creation and how they transform a room and effect those who live in it.
leafdrop rug in a room settingsThese days it’s not hard to achieve individual stylish look. Our design and custom rug options are endless and we at RUG ART are able to customize what will fit your needs and desires and, as you’ve seen here, help you turn your vision into a reality.




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