beautiful nepalese faces

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why i love photographing kids

there is something special about nepalese kids: they always smile. every time when my husband and i visit nepal we get to interact with kids, it’s almost inevitable. if you don’t interact with them they will most certainly interact with you.
most kids i met were happy to pause for my camera after i asked them. one by one they took turn and smiled at me. some wondered. some were just curious and refused to get near. i would wonder around kathmandu between meetings and watched them carry their backpacks or younger siblings on their back, going to or coming from school. being kids. but very different kids. some of them we found to be very clever, street clever and funny too. they are always the ones that ask questions. they make me wonder about them and then…i start thinking about my own kids.
 kids are captured in pure expressions, that’s why i love these images:
beautiful image of a young nepalese boyone of my favorites: my husband (vidal) on the left of course.
beautiful picture of a nepalese grandmother and grandchild
the image above: my absolute favorite.
beautiful picture of a nepalese young girlthe sweetest little thing.
beautiful nepalese young girl
image of a young nepalese boyenthusiastic young boy. he asked me to take five pictures of him. i did. six.
beautiful picture of a nepalese boy
beautiful picture of a young nepalese girl
beautiful picture of young nepalese girls
i’m a wonderer but sometimes i try not to think too much. the sad thing with these trips to nepal is when i have to go back home to the states (can’t wait to hug and kiss my own kids), it’s hard to say goodbye, to not think about these children…you know what i mean?
check for more happy faces.



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