Art is in the detail

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 “What is art but a way of seeing?”

I’ve been working on a new rug collections for the past few months, i’d say about two collections coming up for spring 2013. I thought i’d be done by now and submit them for production but it seems that my eyes, and i blame my eyes only, are the reason why its taken forever  to finish. You see, art is in the detail. It really what sums things up. When i design i take my time sometime too much of it, i look at every little detail, color, hair of fiber and its placement. Then the most critical moment that can make it or brake it –  i judge my work like “does this design feels right?” or “isn’t it weird to blend hemp in this section?” or “man…what was i thinking?” –  things like that, if i don’t have an answer i go with it. And most times i don’t have an answer. That being said, i follow my guts. Whatever excites me i go for it. Imagine being excited all the time, wouldn’t that be tiring? Ha. But not for me.

detail detail detail

I love the positive chaotic environment that’s around me…is there even such thing? anyway, i’m surrounded by details of  my designs, rugs, fabric swatches, pictures, silk yarns, paint brushes, pencils…that sometimes i want to scream…you know…that feeling of exhilaration…those moments when you feel you’re exploding with ideas and it seems to me that my space is too small for my loud over loaded mind. Speaking of excitement…

I want to share some of my excitement with you, the colors i’ve been craving lately in this case – all the them. Fibers – all of them. Textures – bring it on. Isn’t that exciting? I hope you’re feeling it.

beautiful sample of rug wool and silk by rug art


beautiful geometric wool and silk rug by sigal sasson for rug art

rug art, new rug wool and silk by sigal sasson

rug art newest rug Flirt wool and silk

beautiful wool and silk rug by sigal sasson for rug art

beautiful emerald green hundred percent silk rug by rug art


And these are only a few of the many things i’m working on right now, not to mention I want to draw them all…turn them into paintings…that’s a lot to do…i need to breath.

Expressing one’s creativity is like scrapbooking – it’s full of colors, patterns, ideas – stimulation of the creative mind, the icing on the cake…don’t you think?


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