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“when i design a rug, i don’t only design a beautiful floor covering. in my head i design a whole room surrounded by this future to be rug. all the elements of designing a rug are put together. i sense it and i feel it. it’s like composing a beautiful song.”

hello friends,
hope your holiday weekend was relaxing and inspiring. mine was and i thought i’d share this with you.
did i mention before that food has a huge effect on me? well, in a sense it does on all of us but what i mean is that i love to look at food. in all colors and forms. and think what is it that i can do besides eating it. look at these images…i bet you will get inspired too.
bright and colorful berries in parissilk yarn in different red colorsi love bright colors. it depends on the subject. bright and shiny food give me excitement. sometimes i’m overflowing with ideas because colors feed my energy level…even if i end up designing something that’s more subtle.

colorful candy and fruits in paris

mix of greens in fez morocco

picture of colored marzipan in paristhe silky marzipan, fruit even olives look not only scrumptious to eat but to play with too, imagine, create. they remind me of the silk yarn boxes we have in our office. i don’t need any other toys.
all these pictures are from my travels. i’m feeling very lucky when i experience such delight. its amazing to watch how food, as humble as it is in its form or source, can make one take it to the next level.
picture of a lattefood inspiration in moroccospices in moroccopicture of latte in italypicture of delicious moroccan foodmuted silk colorsi design monochromatic rugs that one wants to touch and a lot of times take. our clients simply love them.
monochromatic colors are sophisticated not only to design with but to indulge in. i mean look at this food…the arrangements of tones and varies shades of the same color, the “high and low” of textured food: cookies, dates, apricots, nuts; all have texture, color and visual taste. how can i not think of rugs? pillows? designs? i can talk about it for hours.

food inspiration

this is one of my favorite pictures above. the aubergine olives laying on deep green-blue leaf accompanied by a cobalt blue glass (in the background). such a delight. i wasn’t only inspired by an ocean view for the rug “kesaria” below, but the inspiration above helped me in my choice of colors and texture.
picture of hand knotted rug, kesaria, by sigal sassonkesaria, hand knotted
and after all this food talk…aren’t you hungry? i know i am…

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