A year in Casablanca.

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No, not me. I wish. It’s about the author who bought an old unoccupied palace by the sea…in Casablanca.

The Caliph’s House

To move to another country and trying to settle down, like we did. To experience different culture and customs like we have. To work with people from different backgrounds and mentality like we do – all these and the list goes on, takes more then just guts. I was so engaged in this hilarious story by the talented English writer Tahir Shah.

The book made me so nostalgic for Morocco, where my family is from. Reading it made me appreciate the perspective of this fascinating culture, while a lot of emphasis was given to Moroccan artisans, that it reminded me so much of the pride my parents took in their culture, beliefs and crafts. With every chapter I kept reflecting on my own Moroccan experience and why my View of Morocco design collection is one of my most favorite. Every design in this collection, sketch or an inspiration came from a deep admiration to the magic behind the Moroccan craft.  I recommend this book because it’s hilarious, full of surprises, easy to read and informative. When I got to the end of it I wasn’t ready to say goodbye so soon.

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