A sneak preview into our new line of fabric

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new fabric collection by sigal sasson
It’s hectic and busy time here at RUG ART, in my office even at my home as I “try out” my new future projects. In the past few long months…o.k. a year or so…I have been working on a variety of new and very exciting projects. As a results of my on going obsessions with design, color and my own Moroccan roots – sources that’s inspired me to work with rich palette and lots of texture – we will be launching a new fabric line. I can reveal no more 🙁
But as you can see in the image above 🙂 these are a couple of fabrics that I will be working with just so you will get an idea. Some rumors have been already spread and we hear very positive feedback about my new endeavour that’s elevating my excitement to a higher level. I am so proud to be part of this process. I can’t wait for the arrival of the final samples and the new logo and display these beauties in our NY showroom and our representative showrooms. They, too, anticipate the new line as much as we do.
I must add that as much as this new excitement almost takes over my personal life, it’s been challenging and interesting at the same time. Along the way my husband and i have met some interesting and kind people and factory owners abroad whom we will be working with. People who got to know me, us, what we do, how we do it and what we stand for.
The line consists a variety of luxurious materials to work and decorate homes with like mohair, pashmina, silk, large  prints and detailed embroidery, some inspired by ethnic design and my backyard that’s loaded with flowers and plants which i can’t get enough of.  A lot of them have a contemporary feel that i adore so much.
Check back with us as we launch our new line…very very soon.
 On the same note –  a new line of flat-weave rugs,  Ikat inspired designs. Love the idea and the samples already look fabulous. Who knew?
More on that – coming up so check for updates.



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