A place to powder one’s nose

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One of my favorites rooms in a house is a powder room. A powder room is like a baby waiting to be pampered, waiting to be dressed pretty and decorated with little bows and buttons, waiting to be powdered with sweet smells. A powder room that says:

kiss me. I know you want to.

This is a powder room in my house. I was happy to work on it because first it’s a DIY project, second it allowed me to brake the rules and do what ever I wanted.
Textured walls are painted in Midnight blue color. White crown moldings add personality and perspective.
Bright white accessories show off moody walls.
Gilded ceiling in silver shimmers even in the dark.
Can this little powder room be more glamorous? I think not.
Do you have pictures of a beautiful or corky (in a good way kind of way) powder rooms? Feel free to email them to me. I’ll post them here. What does your powder room look like?
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