Morning beauty

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i have to share this with you…it was a crazy week for me…but this past weekend i sat in my backyard, early morning, my vanilla coffee in my hand…and simply stared. stared at this beautiful backdrop of plants, trees, flowers among others.
while sipping coffee…i noticed the wild iris flower…at first it looked like a chubby capsule…seconds later and slowly…each petal started to open up…first there was one…then the second…the third had a bit of a delay…but in less than a minute the flower was fully open…ready to bath in the beautiful morning sun. it looked so gorgeous and enchanting. i have never seen a flower open up right under my nose before. never.


beautiful image of wild irisit was some display. you see the iris on the right in this picture? it’s other petals are about about to open up…amazing.
i found a great photo sharing blog of gorgeous wild iris check it out here.
beautiful image of sweet pepper
i also noticed that a plant i didn’t pay much attention to…thinking it would never make it…grew sweet peppers. yes peppers. who knew?
vintage solar lampthis is my lovely and junky looking solar lamp hanging on my junky looking swing…yes i know…it looks like crap. my husband would love to throw it…he is waiting for me to turn my head and look the other way…

my beautiful shi-tsu

as much as i enjoyed this beautiful morning…my dog joined me…oh, he loves the feel of hot rocks under his soft belly…go figure.
until then,
Bonne journée


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