Inspiration of a garden symphony

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As of I write this post we are in the middle of a very busy backyard re-do, half way done. No. I’m lying. Thinking about it it’s not even half. The guy we hired for the job simply takes his time…way too much time…but I forgive him. I think about the end results…we will get there…some day.
Our backyard is large and spacious and stationed in the middle is a huge swimming pool. It brakes up the feel of a rectangular big space softening it with its blue colored water. But that’s it. I want to create, how shall I call it… a “wonder zone”.
My “wonder zone” I like to talk a lot about is inspired by botanical gardens I visited on our trip to Morocco recently. A trip I would definitely repeat…over…and over.
One botanical garden I particularly loved was attached to a hotel where we had stayed, on a private property in Fez…it has a huge green lush garden…a place where you could get lost in your thoughts…your dreams…and get swallowed by soft washes of pale colors…sound of tweets…water droplets…the hours go by fast.
Today I want to take you there with me.
morning in morocco
I spent here the whole morning hours…walked around and sniffed every flower…studied every plant of every kind and every size…soaked my skin in a perfect hot morning sun…smelled the aroma of the local grown herbs …i even followed the garden keepers.

homes in Morocco

My husband and I walked around for hours…we couldn’t stop marvel. Memories are still fresh…even now…*long sigh*
moroccan morning sun
Moroccan gardens are hundred percent dedicated to provide humans a visual feast and it’s the place I could think of to get inspired.
moroccan fountain
Such beauty. Such quietness. Such lush.
fountain in a moroccan garden…with so much beauty around who needs a hotel room…i could just spend the nights on the lush leaves and call it happy hour…
bird drinking from a fountain in MoroccaoMoroccan gardens are filled with fountains, potted plants, lush greens, tiled walls, pools, flowers and lots and lots of wonder…
moroccan garden in the morning
…like being inside a vintage postcard.

beautiful moroccan garden


walking in a moroccan garden
Everything my mother told me about Morocco, particularly Moroccan gardens, was true. It’s overwhelming…how beauty, one after another, unfolds right in front of you…like chapters in a book.
I may not be able to recreate everything I loved but I am finding a way to create what made me wonder.
cats in Morocco
This little cat has nothing to do with this post but look at it…the little creature was just sitting there…by the garden gate…
Morocco is full of wondering cats but isn’t she the cutest thing?
…she or he…
…but I already have a dog…a he.
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