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Heliconia rug from “Botanic” collection
I never had a chance to write about our new showroom. Well, this blog is fairly new so I’m taking it as an excuse. Also because I didn’t have a blog then. O.k. no more excuses 🙂 But really, these are BIG news for us, for our clients and everyone else whom we have a relationship with.
How did it all happen and what was going on during renovations, years on the waiting list, the anticipations and the unpleasant surprises – well let me tell you it was no picnic. But that’s another post.
Our hand knotted Tibetan rugs as well as decorative pillows are now beautifully displayed in our own all white modern showroom at the D & D in New York City (hmm, yes I’m very proud of that fact because it was a loooong journey to get to this point and I am happy for my husband).
We work with a wonderful staff who love to present and tell about RUG ART works and whom are knowledgeable of our products. The decorative pillows are a new line and you know what, they add such a glamorous feel to the whole showroom I had to take some home. They are a perfect complement for the rugs. Pillows are cushy and soft featuring our rug designs, only on a miniature scale.

image credit: oneKingslane.com
Go shopping. And have fun too.


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