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Define your space by hand-knotted rugs

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Tweet Rugs speak volumes and nothing can set the tone in a room like a beautiful hand-knotted carpet. Texture, color, size and pattern are some of the elements found in one rug. They all contribute to story telling in a space. A beautiful hand-made rug can effortlessly define a space like no other. Click on the link of COVERMAGAZINE below to view few stunning rooms defined by rugs: Special Thanks to COVERMAGAZINE for featuring #sigalsasson latest and successful rug design Riverpool. And another special Thank You to dwell magazine for…read more


When nature and glamour go hand in hand

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Tweet “Like charity, I believe glamour should begin at home.” Loretta Young. It sure does…in this beautiful Brooklyn family home. Personal spaces, especially living rooms, are where we spend a lot of our times. It is where we gather with family and friends to enjoy eachother’s company and this living room designed with that in mind, to convey a sense of entertainment without compromising elegance. Right when entering this glamorous Park Slope home one cannot miss but notice a gorgeous handmade rug in soft soothing shades of tan and yellow…read more


Bring Asian design style into your space

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Tweet Chinese New Year is an important festival for Chinese and is happening on Feb. 8th 2016. Many interesting stories in history explain the start of this holiday, but the main reasons for this festival are to celebrate a year of hard work, good rest and relax with family. Also to wish for a good luck and prosperity. Red is the main color involved in the celebration and associated with luck and good fortune. Think of those red hanging lanterns, big round tables loaded with food, dragon dancing and monkeying…read more


Blazing a trail

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Tweet There has never been a better time to feel what I’m feeling today – a great sense of pride. I’ve been working with my husband/business partner since day one – the very first day we left everything that was familiar and got into the unknown. Moving to this country was our greatest adventure and this land had excepted me even when I had nothing to offer. Fast forward, we founded Rug Art International and things started rolling, slowly but surely. Over the years we’ve had obstacles (who doesn’t), but…read more

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