Rich palette in Hawaii

beautiful hand knotted tibetan rug, rugart

The many faces to a customized rug

As a rug designer and artist, pattern and composition (among others) have always been essential in my design elements and as such, I believe that beautiful design improve our lives sometimes in a very mysterious way. But you see, designing beautiful signature style rugs is one thing. Allowing clients to integrate their personal style and needs into an already existing rug design by modifying it to fit their surrounding world, is a whole other game.

With that in mind, the designer of this gorgeous Hawaiian home used Frost rug in the main living area (picture below), and based on the rug’s new future home she gave it a bold new life not only in color but in texture and shape. I think it’s stunning, don’t you?

The ocean view is undeniably the main focal point but at the same time one cannot ignore Frost – fresh, bold and modern rug with its warm red tones that anchor everything else in the space.

This is a view to die for.

beautiful red living room in hawaii

Born from a natural concept of unprocessed rock diamond that inspired the design of Frost, this rug begun its journey in black, white and grey tones leaving much room for creativity to those who love to re-imagine and turn it into something new.

The entire process of Frost rug customized for this particular room with its many angles and architectural features. As uncomplicated as the rug design may seem it had to fit and cut precisely to size and angle to fit a particular space while harmoniously anchoring surrounding elements.  We love it when interior designers take a rug with classic pattern and fearlessly breath a new soul in it. This is the best part about customizing and we offer endless possibilities. You can get everything you want in one great looking rug – beautiful!

Truly gorgeous Hawaiian home with so much to look at and oh so inspiring.

I can’t tell why but momentarily I imagined Marry Poppins flying around this room with her magic carpetbag. Did I mention inspiration has already kicked in?…



Life is more Beautiful when decorating with rugs


By now, for those who know me I am a hand-made rug lover. But for those who know me well – rugs are my castle. They make me feel at home, they offer a sense of belonging, kind of psychological fever but in a very positive way. I spend a lot of time nurturing my home and one of the first options I consider to work with are rugs. I spend more money on my home then on clothes and shoes. It’s not for every chick unless you’re a design freak like me, but it’s an undeniable fact that rugs do make life more beautiful. Let’s see.

It’s summer…winter…spring or fall – no matter what time of year it is , sprucing up a room with rugs is the best choice you can do for your space. A rug, a beautifully made rug for that matter, offers a lot to work with from texture and color to pattern, mood and interest. A rug provides the back bone of every room making it look polished and finished.

designing beautiful rooms with rugs by rug-art

shown: Cosmo, wool and silk, Rug-Art

Depending on the season each pattern or color of your choice dictates the mood and comfort level, making the home enticing and  interesting. A rug is an excellent decorating choice for all seasons, but as temperatures change, for example winter is approaching, a thick wool pile rug is a wise choice. It’s bold but nothing is more inviting than a chic  textured rug, let alone the fact that it adds dignity and grounds everything else in a room. No doubt that a fresh coat of paint does the trick a rug is the voice of any space.

designing beautiful rooms with rugs by rug-art

shown: Allure, wool and silk Rug-Art

When it comes to pattern and color combination in a rug we are talking spice and statement. Go with a patterned rug in bold hue while considering the rest of the decor around it, and you’ve got some conversation piece right under your nose.

designing beautiful rooms with rugs by rug-art

shown: FrozenIsland in flat-weave, Rug-Art

When temperature rise and summer is around the corner a flat-weave rug is a good choice as it evokes happy, cool and stimulating mood.

designing beautiful rooms with rugs by rug-art

shown: sheepskin by rug-art

Everything feels lush and soft with sheepskin rug underfoot, regardless of the season.

Another design option for those who love to make big statement without saying much – keep everything else in the room fairly neutral but let a patterned bold rug do the talking  and watch how the room just explodes around it.

Fear not – experimenting with different options feeds our curiosity as we learn what we love and what we would like our homes to reflect. All that love.





{daily romance) Don’t stage it, Romance it

romancing your home with photos, flowers and rugsTo most people Valentine’s Day is when our home and the people we love takes center stage, as we get inspired and transform rooms and hearts. We add romantic notes, buy more flowers, prepare special treats for our loved ones, get all romantic and spoil each other with gifts and happy “selfies”.

I believe our emotions should be celebrated every day, not only on Valentine’s Day. Good or bad we learn from them (hopefully) and continue to grow, so why not? Why not show how we feel to those we love and connect with on a daily basis? even that special love and connection to our surroundings – this beautiful shelter we call home, a place that keeps us safe and happy?

Like having a romantic relationship, transforming a home with “little notes” and showing our love is a journey. Some think it’s work, takes too much time, too much money…no, not in my book. Romance is not work and loving our home is not work. I simply call it “a home with a love story”.

Now lets show our home some daily love.

 romancing your home with rugsromance your floors by letting light colored sheers drape freely on a rug .

romancing your home with photos and rugsromance your walls by hanging family photos and glass sconces painted glossy black.

romancing your home with rugs and family photosRomance your coffee table by showing off old photos next to a clear glass filled with dried flowers.

 romancing your home with photos and rugsWho said a vase has to be filled with flowers?

romancing your home with beautiful rugRomance your bedroom with a custom rug made just for you. Worth the splurge. This is Tulip, a rug design I’ve created for those who know what romance is all about…and the Mr. knows it too.

romancing your home with rugsGet out and romance with nature.

romance your home with rugs and artRomance objects of beauty around your home.

 romancing your home for valentine's dayRomancing your drink. Every day. Why not?

valentines day romanceHold hands. No matter what.

paris on valentine's dayOr do nothing and move to Paris.



{dye vibe} The art of Color Transformation

I am a true designer at heart. I am completely smitten by the fact that good design improves our lives making us better and happier human beings. I live and breath this fact.

I love working with colors and textures, mixing and “glamourising” anything that touches my hands. As RUG ART’s designer I get to experience new vibes each day and each vibe brings its own joyful moments as well as challenges, especially when I work with new colors. Creating new dyes and out-of-the-box color combinations is an experience I’m learning from quite a lot, but it also enables me to push the envelope and test drive new and creative ways to work with colors.

working with colors and textureBack to basics and inspired by my travels to Italy for god-knows-how-many-times, I’m truly amazed each time I visit this beautiful country especially coastal Italy. The ocean might be blue, the houses might be oh so colorful, the flowers are bright-colored and cheery, even the color of food is inspiring enough to grab a paint brush. But no matter how many times I visit the same place, each time my eyes discover something new even if I’ve seen before – newer perspective, newer color, newer form. Or maybe the objects discover a new pair of eyes…

sorrento italy, beautiful beachesBack at my studio and inspired by my new Italian vibe, I re-styled and transformed color wise, some of my rug designs and am filled with awe by the results.

The rug below, Allure, came out less than a year ago in a different more subdued color combination, which i thought at that time would be perfect, especially because of its  “broken”, abstract and intricate design. It looked wonderful in a photo and more so in real life and the respond was great.

This year and for my special love to this particular rug design, I’ve decided to bring it up a notch and take a chance by changing the color way completely, which I did, and the results are absolutely amazing and surprising at the same time. Not only that Allure looks beautifully alluring but the vibe of the new dyes bring this rug to life and everything around it.  The new colors seem to almost change the original design turning it into something completely different and making me consider giving it a new name. What’s more, I “threw” in a couple of neutral dyes too, as I begun to realize that I have a weakness or a soft spot if you will, for subdued neutral colors, even in small dozes, just for balance. Or maybe it’s the Libra in me…

beautiful hand-knotted rug from nepal by rug-artbeautiful hand-knotted rug by rug-art, AllureI took the photos above in my family room. We recently purchased this heavy!! glass top coffee table, where the base of the wood branches was put together and brought from South America into the states. When we got the rug for inspection I immediately thought how perfect the rug would look anchoring the new table in the family room. After the photo-shoot I wanted to keep the rug as it transformed the mood completely…that until I saw the look on my husband’s face that said this one is going to the showroom :(

hand-knotted karma rug in blue by rug-artThe rug above – Karma – also got a new vibe with midnight dark rich blue dye, accented with beautiful soft white. When laid on the floor the rug simply looks stunning.

beautiful hand knotted rug by rug art, geometric patternThis hand-knotted rug was tranformed with a new dye vibe combination, making it sleek, modern and glamorous.

I can take an existing rug design and turn it into something completely different. That is why working in customization is so unique considering its limitless abilities to transform a rug that looks like an art for the floor, and a room, into something unexpected and glamorous. For a designer/artist this is pure joy.

This makes me happy. To view our complete collection and transformation visit our website


My phone photography {instagram tour}

rug art rugs in instagramrug art rugs in instagramStolen moments of what was happening lately in RUG ART and behind the scene, like a yummy flavorful breakfast the Mr. had prepared for me, i couldn’t resist but snap a photo. My all time favorite Sultry rug, gorgeous modern living room featuring our Cosmo rug, diamonds and rubies…

rug art rugs in instagram…colors and texture, cooking, monochromatic photo-shoot, party (oh i love parties)…

rug art rugs in instagram…Hampton show house, roses, backyard inspiration, new silk, new designs, new colors….there’s so much more and everything happened in such a short period of time.

Time simply flies! You blink and here it is – a new day, new year, new projects, new do’s and new don’t. Don’t blink ;)

more here








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