Miami Beach Art Basel {2014}

I’m an art explorer enthusiast. I love art fairs and I love Art Basel Miami Beach, America’s biggest art fair.

One of the highlights was that I didn’t have to fly down here. A little more than 30 minutes drive and I found myself exploring, washing my eyes with scenes, some were plain weird, I haven’t seen for a while. There was so much to see my eyes couldn’t catch up with my brain.

Leading international galleries and artists from around the world arrive to Miami to showcase their modern and contemporary art works.

Sculptures, drawings, installations, paintings, photographs, you name it.

– a healthy dose of exhilaration and a fascinating cocktail of art and parties. Although I’ve only attended the art part.

Unlike my previous visits to Art Basel a couple of years ago, this time besides being surrounded by landscape of colorful and outrageous outfits worn by ladies from all over, I was pretty impressed by the art.

Other then the sad fact that someone stole a Picasso drawing artwork estimated around $90,000, everything else went well.

miami art basel

miami art basel

miami art basel

miami art basel

miami art basel

miami art baselmiami art baselmiami art baselmiami art basel

miami art baselmiami art basel

miami art basel

miami art basel

As an artist, to understand a piece of art one must be willing to explore other factors such history even politics, for guiding references. You must free yourself from everything that is common after all art is not only about beauty. The process of art discovery is an opportunity to see and sense it through your “third eye”. It’s an exhilarating experience that lasts in the back of your head for a while, especially if your experience includes not only the discovery of artwork itself, but also the people who came dressed to kill (or to make me blind).

miami art basel

miami art basel

And I agree with that one.





Hand-knotted rugs: Enduring Hand-made products in a fast world

When you spot a hand-made product don’t you feel that your perception changes? You pause momentarily. You are curious and you take a second look. You want to touch it. You wonder what and who is behind the hand-made creation.

You begin to feel.

beautiful hand knotted rug. rug art.

You don’t feel the same way about plastic cups, smartphones or light bulbs (and if you do you probably shouldn’t ;)). The list goes on. Everywhere you look these days you spot a recycled or disposable product, which its convenience is not only cheap but short-lived.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Conversely, one of the most beautiful and endured hand-made processes I’ve heard of, read about, lived with and working at, is the craft of rug making –

The hand-knotted rugs and carpets.

hand-knotted rug in an eclectic living room

As a little girl I remember my mother’s hand-knotted Persian carpets. She owned quite many. They covered her floors you could barely see the stone tiles underneath them. These hand-made rugs were absolutely beautiful, works of art.

I’ve always admired how well she kept them.

Being the only sibling who helped my mother take care of them and it wasn’t an easy task, I remember those days very vividly.

the process - washing a hand knotted rug.

Although not me featured here washing a hand-made rug (I don’t do it anymore), I helped my mom do just that in our own backyard.

I learned that these hand-made rugs were one of her most precious possessions and that we should not “eat or drink on them, walk on with shoes or play on them”, and if god forbid a crumb was found we should “remove it immediately”, because “they are made by hand and expensive”.

I did not always agree with her rules.

But hey I was a kid, what did I know. My mother knew her rugs very well and she loved her collection.

Little did I know that helping my mother taking care of her rugs would change my perception to the extent that I will teach my own daughters, who own almost every possible electronic gadget, about the passion and admiration I feel towards the craft process and history of hand-made rugs, or any other hand-made item for that matter. Something you will not find in any disposable or machine-made product.

rug loom found on a trip to Morocco.

The ancient traditional process and modern aesthetics of a hand-knotted rugs found their way into modern spaces pretty quickly,

and using conscious practices the hand-knotted rugs’ popularity only seem to rise more than ever before. Why? because there will always be cravings to get back to basics –

we all love the beauty of hand-made.

And hand-knotted rugs are made by hand. They carry a heritage and the tradition is kept alive while you support local image unknown. boogi modern hand knotted rug in a modern living room.

the beauty of hand knotted rugs and carpets. rug art.

And because hand-knotted rugs are Eco-friendly using age-old weaving method done purely by hand.

Their craftsmanship and quality are higher and last for a very long time, longer then you will ever live. Yup. You heard it right.

the beauty of hand knotted rugs and carpets. zaza in a modern living room. rug artHand-knotted rugs made to enjoy and endure. These pieces of art speak to us on a unique mysterious degree, inspiring and moving us in a very deep level.

Hand-knotted rugs – craft of greatness.

the beauty of hand knotted rugs

To purchase or customize a well crafted hand-knotted rug please visit the showroom or contact our showrooms representatives.

Holiday gift ideas – luxurious designer pillows

It’s that time again. Time for the holidays and time to pick a few good looking gifts. It’s exciting.

luxurious decorative throw pillows

And the world of fashion is always a good idea. Home fashion that is. For those of you who love to have beautiful things (I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t), decorative pillows are one good and creative way to go. They are one of the easiest and quickest way to punch up the mood in  someone’s home…and someone’s mind too. Who doesn’t love to have a good-looking throw pillow? treat yourself too.

A great looking pillow can truly make one feel at home, it makes a world of difference and adds a polished finished look to a room. It’s easy and affordable.

beautiful designer decorative pillows. holiday gift ideaThis year I’ve set up my mind to give friends and family the gift of pretty decorative pillows. Some of my friends moved to a new house that craves a change and a set of decorative pillows from my collection will do the trick.

beautiful designer decorative pillows. holiday gift idea.

beautiful designer decorative pillows

beautiful designer decorative pillow

beautiful designer decorative pillowsbeautiful designer decorative pillows. holiday gift idea.

designer decorative pillowbeautiful designer decorative pillow. holiday gift idea.

beautiful designer decorative pillows. holiday gift idea.
My mom’s museum style living room (you cannot touch anything!), could use a few good large throw pillows. This is easy since she loves all colors and patterns.

beautiful designer decorative pillows. holiday gift idea

beautiful picture of room settings with hand knotted rugThis living room features my Zaza decorative silk pillows and Zen hand knotted rug. Both look elegant against a monochromatic background. All these textures – LOVE.

beautiful designer decorative pillows and hand knotted rug. rug art showroom.When it comes to decorating with throw pillows size matters. A large deep sofa with ample seating room calls for a collection of large pillows preferably the same color for added impact. It is not only an instant makeover but large pillows, say 20″x20″ or 22″x22″ look glamorous and create a loungey feel.

Do you have a favorite chair to lounge on while watching TV? throw a smaller pillow in a happy color…and preferably one that feels cushy for your tushy.

beautiful designer decorative pillows. holiday gift idea.Working in pairs keeps the look clean and modern.

Go ahead and give the gifts of designer pillows. Help a friend or family member. Play it up with a splash of color. Unexpected pattern combination on a neutral sofa awaken the senses. The possibilities are endless.

Show off your wise style with these decorative pillows. Most importantly – have fun.

To view and shop my decorative pillow collection click here

Ten best reasons to Love October

Recently I have been feeling very festive almost on a daily basis. October is here and I love it. Autumn in Paris.

beautiful Autumn colors. photography

beautiful autumn leafs

October is the most celebrated month in our family, filled with birthdays and anniversaries. I feel the need to share my celebrations and more reasons to love October:

  • October is the month of my Birthday…to some it might be a sad reminder for getting old     but who’s counting.
  • October is a month filled with mellow warmth and fields are shouting with yellow, gold    and orange glow.
  • The AC unit that still working but feels way cooler even on 75 degrees (live in Florida?).
  • October is delicious. It makes me cook more and host more.
  • October is extra cozy hence my desire to rearrange furniture, rugs and painting some walls.
  • The rain on leafs and petals.
  • I’m a terrible driver on October. I don’t want to look at the road. I want is to stick my nose up against the window and soak up the view. Someone has to take me places.
  • October is the most romantic month of the year, don’t you think?
  • Autumn in October makes me feel that it is here to stay.
  • Driving in the evenings with the moon roof open and looking up at the gorgeous clear sky (not if I am the driver).
  • October is a serious competition with the month of May but guess what…October wins.

delicious autumn food and colors

O.k. eleven reasons.


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