Life is more Beautiful when decorating with rugs

It’s summer…winter…spring or fall – no matter what time of year it is , sprucing up a room with rugs is the best choice you can do for your space. A rug, a beautifully made rug for that matter, offers a lot to work with from texture and color to pattern, mood and interest. A rug provides the back bone of every room making it look polished and finished. Continue Reading →

{daily romance) Don’t stage it, Romance it

To most people Valentine’s Day is when our home and the people we love takes center stage, as we get inspired and transform rooms and hearts. We add romantic notes, buy more flowers, prepare special treats for our loved ones, get all romantic and spoil each other with gifts and happy “selfies”. Continue Reading →

{dye vibe} The art of Color Transformation

I am a true designer at heart. I am completely smitten by the fact that good design improves our lives making us better and happier human beings. I live and breath this fact. The new colors seem to almost change the original design turning it into something completely different and making me consider giving it a new name. Continue Reading →

{this is how I do it} decor inspiration

Tweet One of my favorite times of year are the holidays and my daughter’s winter break. This is where I get super charged and inspired that I am literally brain-washed. Continue Reading →

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