Ten best reasons to Love October

Recently I have been feeling very festive almost on a daily basis. October is here and I love it. Autumn in Paris.

beautiful Autumn colors. photography

beautiful autumn leafs

October is the most celebrated month in our family, filled with birthdays and anniversaries. I feel the need to share my celebrations and more reasons to love October:

  • October is the month of my Birthday…to some it might be a sad reminder for getting old     but who’s counting.
  • October is a month filled with mellow warmth and fields are shouting with yellow, gold    and orange glow.
  • The AC unit that still working but feels way cooler even on 75 degrees (live in Florida?).
  • October is delicious. It makes me cook more and host more.
  • October is extra cozy hence my desire to rearrange furniture, rugs and painting some walls.
  • The rain on leafs and petals.
  • I’m a terrible driver on October. I don’t want to look at the road. I want is to stick my nose up against the window and soak up the view. Someone has to take me places.
  • October is the most romantic month of the year, don’t you think?
  • Autumn in October makes me feel that it is here to stay.
  • Driving in the evenings with the moon roof open and looking up at the gorgeous clear sky (not if I am the driver).
  • October is a serious competition with the month of May but guess what…October wins.

delicious autumn food and colors

O.k. eleven reasons.


Rug Art Inventory sale event

rug art modern rug collection

Our inventory sale has just begun. We are excited to offer now only up to 50% off but an immediate delivery on our in-stock rugs.

This particular sale event means a lot to RUG ART. By purchasing a rug from RUG ART you are helping us in our support of GoodWeave mission to eliminate child labor in the rug industry while providing employment to families in Nepal. Not only that, but our current inventory sale enables us to clear up some square footage in our showroom for our new arrival of hand-knotted rug collections.

Visit our showroom or showroom representatives (info on our website), or contact us at info@rug-art.net for in-stock information on specific rugs and collections on our inventory sale event. Don’t miss it.



hand knotted midnight rug by rugart

Best grand mix of artistry

So you’re a lawyer (if not, let’s assume you are) or have a law-firm, and you have an office where you spent most of your day time hours, sometimes nights too. An office where you have serious meetings, lunches, employees roaming around. But how does your office environment make you or your clients feel? Law is an occupation that throws aura of seriousness but just because you’re a law firm doesn’t mean your surroundings have to be boring or plain dull.

Take this law corporate offices for example, in the heart of New York City, where a brilliant crew of designers and architects brought together a world of contemporary art and custom-made furnishings and turned this law office building into what looks like dazzling, sophisticated and soothing modern gallery. A mix of artistic grandeur. A healthy dose of fun – all in one large space.

hand knotted midnight rug by rug art and sigal sassonI’m thrilled that we are part in such artistic and ambitious execution, where the head of architects purchased my custom rug Midnight and placed it in the center of it all. What a beauty and how every element works together in harmony is beyond words. Any outside the box thinker would be happy to occupy such artistic and positively inviting and stimulating space. I would.

hand knotted midnight rug, rug art


The whole space is based around sophisticated tones of gray, silver and glass and right there, in the middle of it all, a surprising red pops in the rug, highback chairs, cusions and artwork. Stunning.

What amazes me is that with all the grandeur the space feels subtle and sophisticated without interfering with the seriousness of daily business gatherings and big decision making activities. Indeed, one of a kind law firm spaces I have ever seen.

Why do I keep talking? click the link to read all about it (slideshow in the article).

midnight-nyc-rugartMy custom rug Midnight illustrates an oversize modern ikat pattern in wool and silk.

midnightrug-project rug artimages as shown in INTERIOR DESIGN MAGAZINE

 Thank you Interior Design Magazine for this feature.

Shopping Inspiration NY

I love to walk up and down Fifth avenue in New York City whenever I have a chance be it during work or long weekend visits in the city. Not that I am fashion focused or shopaholic “must-have-it kinda gal”, not at all. I find strolling on Fifth avenue a definite positive experience for my eyes and soul.

Fifth Avenue Building

via Flickr

Ever since I set my foot in this country Fifth avenue never cease to amaze me even more so today, when I can honestly say I became more opinionated than before only because there’s so much to see but then there’s so much to say. A lot have changed here over the years – endless mega size retail shops emphasizing on luxury brands but here is the point of my post. Talk about luxury, the other day I went shopping for something special for my husband, no special occasion. Something small and beautiful but unique and functional – combination that’s hard find these days. And no, I don’t mean an iPhone.

Fifth Avenue - Manhattan, New York

image via Flickr

Walking on Fifth I hesitantly, and I repeat hesitantly, walked into the celebrated, luxurious mega retail store by a famous Italian fashion maker, looking for a small “unique and functional” gift idea. really? I don’t even think Armani knows what it means. When I entered the store my eyes immediately noticed a gorgeous looking iPad case that sat on its own on a bottom shelve, looking right back at me. Made of, drum roll please…crocodile skin…in gradation of dark to light purple. Small inside pocket for business cards, smooth and shiny zipper slides up and down and all around. Soft to the touch and very light. Tailored and glamorous in every way – “small, unique and functional” – the perfect gift for my businessman.

shopping inspiration in new york city on fifth avenue

Ahhh….I snugged the case close to my chest and whispered to the sales rep who followed my every move, that I finally found exactly what I wanted. Now this line of thinking requires a degree of courage from my side because before I could even blink, the salesman was already by the register ready to ring the piece, while I my brain tried hard to process the mega retail price that I just noticed on my “small unique and functional” gift, that would make me kiss…….$28k goodbye. Ha. pocket change to some.

The man smiled at me and asked if I want it gift wrapped. I smiled back and handed him my dream iPad case then I said: “You know, you got two things going for you: 1. Your blue eyes. and 2. Your French accent.

I love French accent.

goofus, jr.

image via Flickr


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